Mark (orko224) wrote,

Year End Analysis

Looking back on 2006 and into 2007

The last year was pretty incredible. Lots of ups and downs, lots of concerts, broadway shows, some really exciting trips, and a big new group of friends. A lot has changed since 2005 - at home, at work, with Jason, and within my wider social circle. After a great game of Life over the weekend with Jason and Tracy, I'm inspired to rack up assets and see how good 2006 was to me.

Finances & Assets
1) I had some good income this year due to a promotion and a merit raise
2) I paid down a good chunk of my student loans
3) I've contributed a bunch of money into my 401k
4) Savings account is steady
5) My car is good, though depreciating in value due to excessive mileage

Work Life
1) I got a Promotion!
2) Lots of Reward & Recognition bonuses/acknowledgements
3) Great year end evaluation
4) Working under-staffed without a manager has made me highly visible
5) Good cross-sector committee project with upper management above day-to-day work

Love Life
Jason and I tested our relationship a bit this year. I made some dumb choices earlier in the summer. He got all reclusive as school started. Overall, we're the better for it and I love him even more. He's definitely the best thing that ever happened to me.

Social Scene
We met a lot of new friends this year! We met Ben Tanner in January and he has become a really great friend. We've also become really close with the Columbia kids this year and had so many misadventures. I've also been very fortunate to maintain lots of other friendships with friends I've known longer such as Tracy, Adriana and Rob. My coworkers and I have also had a lot of crazy nights out together and I'm fortunate that I can call all of my team members close friends. On top of it all, a bunch of my fraternity brothers just moved to NYC so I've been hanging out with them a bunch.

We've seen a lot of concerts this year:
Madonna (twice), Nine Inch Nails, Imogen Heap (twice), Franz Ferdinand with Death Cab for Cutie, Kelly Clarkson, Depeche Mode with Dragonette and Scissor Sisters.
We also saw a lot of Broadway shows:
Dog Sees God, Avenue Q, Barefoot in the Park, Three Penny Opera, Three Days of Rain, Wicked, and Spring Awakening. WOW!
We also saw Kathy Griffin do standup comedy.

Health & Fitness
Between driving to work, sitting at a desk all day and watching TV all night, I have become pretty lethargic, though still skinny. I definitely need to gain back all the muscle I lost since college. Starting February 1st (when all the madness at work will be over) I am going to get back to 3-4 days a week at the gym and drinking protein shakes again.

Political Activism
I've become so on top of things in the news. I was never all that interested in politics until my very lifestyle was attacked over the past two years. Now I'm super vocal and I read lots of blogs on the issues so I can always have intelligent conversations with people about what's going on in the world. It's nice to also have friends who care about this stuff and not just what I watched on TV last night.

Into 2007... Some goals:

1) Get into shape; Add 10 lbs on muscle
2) Keep improving the relationship with my parents and Jason
3) Look for a rotation/promotion by the end of 2007
4) Spend more time with my close friends; care less about the dead weight
5) Travel to somewhere beyond Pittsburgh
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