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Work, School, and Television - Oh My

Life has been busy. There have been some major developments at work over the past few months. Kraft finally rotated a new person into the Director position on Cookies research and Nielsen finally hired a replacement for Steve so staffing is okay. Tim, however, quit two weeks ago, leaving the manager position on Cereal open. Plus Cheryl leaves for maternity leave in Decemeber so the team is stretched. I expect more shakeups in the next few weeks.

Jason is really busy with work and school. He's doing up to 20 hours a week at Flat Iron (working from home of course) and he's reading and writing like a maniac. He really enjoys being back in school. His favorite is his Creative Wirting class. It's nice to see him writing again because he's so good at it.

While Jason is busy with school, my sister also became a college freshman at Stevens Institute of Technology. I've gone to visit her three times already since it's so close to home. She has a really nice group of friends and she really enjoys it there. She's on the bolwing team and already traveled to her first match last week on the west side of Connecticut. The drive would have been 3 hours so I'm going to go to a closer match. Sandi said the work is a little challenging, especially the math, but she loves it all. Her plan is to focus on aerospace engineering and work for NASA. Way more impressive than cookies.

Last weekend Jason and I had dinner with Mom and Dad. It was a really nice night and we're planning on doing it monthly now. I'm glad I'm finally able to start integrating Jason and the family. He still won't be coming to Christmas or anything but he doesn't want to anyway. Could you imagine how awkward that would be? Grandma would be way too intrusive. I love Grandma but she's a little wacky sometimes. Last weekend, though, she was VERY much on the ball. We were talking about the election coming up and she was really excited to vote for Elliot Spitzer. He's the Democratic candidate for governor. Grandma is a military widow and Republican but she likes Spitzer a lot and has swung kind of anti-Republican because of Bush and all the other assholes in power. If she can change some of her views at 83, then maybe there's some hope for all the super-religious wingnuts out there in the middle of the country. Mom likes Elliot Spitzer too and of course I love the man now that he came forward and said he would make gay marriage legal in New York State. It's about time we got a strong Democrat in power. I just hope the rest of the country votes correctly next month. We really need a big wave of Blue to sweep the country.

Other than getting way too wrapped up in politics lately, I've been drowning in excellent television. We are really in a TV Golden Age right now. Check out my lineup:

Sunday: The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters
Monday: Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, The Class, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Heroes, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Tuesday: Friday Night Lights, Six Degrees
Wednesday: Bones, Justice, Lost, The Nine, Project Runway
Thursday: My Name Is Earl, The Office, Ugly Betty
Friday: Whatever is on the DVR that we couldn't get to

Thanks God for DVR! Seriously, I have never experienced such good television. If you have limited hours in your week, check out these three new shows:

Brothers & Sisters - Sally Field is the mother of 5 grown-up kids who all live in LA. The dad dies in the opening episode and with his death numerous secreats are revealed including that he was having an affair and that he was embezzling money from the family business. Two of the kids work at the company (one as President) and must figure out what to do. The major theme of the show is emotional distance despite entanglement. Everyone sees each other all the time and they share secrets with each other but there is some resentment on all ends. Calista Flockhart, who I'm not really a fan of, is excellent as the Republican daughter. She is on a politics show as the Red representative and starts an affair with the Democrat. There's also the requisite gay brother who is a lawyer and unlucky in love, the older brother who was passed up by the oldest sister (Brenda from Six Feet Under) to be President of the company, and the youngest son who is an Iraqi vet with some serious damage including a drug problem. I highly recommend if for nothing more than to see Sally Field cry in that Sally Field kind of way that only she can do.

Heroes - Not an X-Men light. It's action-packed, well-written, smart, multi-layered and it keeps you guessing. I am intrigued and I want more more more.

Ugly Betty - The funniest new show on TV by far. America Ferrara is awesome as Betty and the supporting characters are great too. It's like a tele-novela so it's an hour long and it mixes fantastical elements into the show.

Lastly, I will be traveling to Pittsburgh for the 20th Anniversary of the refounding of the Tau Chapter of KDR. I'm very excited to see all my brothers and other friends in the Burgh. I'll be flying out that Thursday night and staying through Monday so it's a nice, long trip. It'll be a totally different feel this time since it's the fall and really there are hardly any undergrads left that I know. Still I'm very excited.

Wow - what an update. Hope to be doing this more often than bi-monthly.
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