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Two Year Anniversary

And a wrap-up of the month of May

Oh man I've been bad about updating my journal. Work is kicking my ass - we have our quarterly business review so I've been working late and building PPT slides like there's no tomorrow. Work is going really well, though. My promotion was official as of the first week of May. Yay for more money!

The past few weeks a lot of crazy stuff has gone on. Friday we saw Three Days of Rain with Julia Roberts, Paul Rudd, and Bradley Cooper. The show was pretty good but Julia was mediocre. Paul and Bradley were amazing... and amazingly hot in person. We got both their autographs and some great up close pictures. Yummy.

Earlier in the week we saw Kathy Griffin, who was unbelievably funny and inappropriate. I highly recommend seeing her standup routine the next time she visits your town. She is so smart and irreverant and incredibly shocking.

In other news, my sister had her PROM last week. OMG she's going to be graduated soon. I can't deal with the fact that she's 18 and going off to college. I'm so excited for her and so proud - she's going to Stevens Institute of Technology - and of course I'm super nervous.

Jim was in town last week. We hit up the Museum of Natural History because we're all a bunch of nerds. There's a great exhibit on Evolution for all you idiots out there who don't believe in it. I swear I read in Blender some stupid Disney artist thought evolution was "silly." She, of course, was home schooled and was like "You mean they're teaching evolution in schools now?" Yeah, for the better part of the century. I hate religious zealouts. They really are poorly educated and backwards. I love when stereotypes play out for real.

After the meseum, we got the whole crew together at the Urge. This is our new favorite bar. The music wasn't too loud, the crowd was cute and friendly, the bar tenders were so flirty, the go go boys were hot, and the drinks were good. Overall, fun times. We'll definitely going back there again.

A few weeks ago was Ben's bachelor party in Montreal. The trip ended up being super fun. We had ten people up there and played paintball at 1am, toured the historic district of Montreal, went to the Planetarium, played way too much Super Smash Bros, put up with perpetual rain the entire trip, and of course drank. While I wasn't at the strip club (gag me) from what I understand what happens in Montreal stays in Montreal or something like that. Ben's friends are fun and they're all super geniuses. It was a nice change of pace to have super intellectual conversations the whole time.

Also last month was saw Depeche Mode at Jones Beach. It was about 30 degrees out there and I was close to a hypothermic death by the concert's end. Still the music was great and Jason bought the live album from that night. Very cool.

The onslaught of concerts is coming up soon - Nine Inch Nails next week, then Madonna (twice!!!), Kelly Clarkson, and Fiona Apple. Oh the madness.
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