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Carnival Victories

And the sugar-rush style crash thereafter

Carnival was such an exhilirating experience. We won 2nd Place in Booth and the Best of Show of course. The house was overall happy with their trophies, though Buggy was a sore subject. The Alumni raised a good chunk of change and people told me I was doing a good job. That's always nice to hear.

It was great seeing the crew, especially Josh, Mel, Lou, Chris, Kristen, Ben L, Raz, MJ, Aman, Jim, and all the PHI girls. It was a weird Carnival is some ways. We didn't spend that much time at the house since we know fewer people now. I noticed also that my other close alumni friends are all a year older than me (and Josh graduated a year before me) so they didn't really know any undergrads at all. That created a weird tension since the seniors this year (who were freshmen when I was a senior) are all pretty good friends of mine so I felt pulled in two different directions.

This was also the first really gay Carnival too. Jim took us out with his whole group of friends to all the bars in Pittsburgh. It was a really fun time. I got to meet his friend Chris, who hopefully will be coming to NYC in June with Jim.

No Carnival would be complete though without the requisite tits and tears. Jason and I had it out Thursday night. It started as a fight at PHI and lasted back to the hotel room and for a while afterwards. It's all good now but at the time I was worried I would be leaving Pittsburgh single. Yikes.

Ben's fiance Margie had a nervous breakdown of her own. I'm still not 100% sure why she was so hysterical but it had something to do with feeling old and out of place and not being able to understand how Ben and I could still be connected to KDR despite being so much older. It still doesn't make sense to me, probably because she's female and few things the crazy women in my life do make sense. She's fine now but she and Jason are banned from all future Carnivals.

Coming back from the Burgh always makes me very nostalgic and sad. The 4 years I spent at CMU were some of the best years of my life. Despite being closeted and overworked and living like a poor college frat boy, every day there was magical somehow. I sort of wish I had done grad school right away and kept the college life going a bit more. I envy all our Columbia peeps. They have it so sweet - grad school in New York City. Oh man I'd be in heaven. Coming back to reality, grad school is not really an option at the moment. Maybe in a few years. I love my job a lot and I get paid pretty well and there's good opportunities for advancement here so I'm happy. I do miss my friends a lot, though, and I still think we could all pull off a big house together in NYC. Thankfully I'll get to see a good chunk of them at Ben's wedding. That weekend is going to be crazy. So many close friends will be in town. I can't wait!

This summer is going to be a weird transition for me. My social life is going to shift considerably. A bunch of my fraternity brothers are moving to NYC including Raz, Matt Yeager and Tyler. Recently other people moved here and I didn't really know about it (Hammy, Eric Lam) but I feel like this summer will be a good time to get back to hanging out with all these guys. Philippe will also be moving to CT this May so he'll be in NYC more often. Hopefully I'll get to see him more and meet more of his friends.

Then in the fall things are going to change a lot. Jason got accepted into CUNY City College. I'm so proud of him! Going back to school will be really great for him. The sad part is that he won't be around as much starting since he'll be busy with school full time and working part time. I'm going to have to really learn how to cook. LOL. Thankfully I'll have my brothers around and all the new friends I've made over the last year so it won't get too lonely.

Meanwhile work is boring, hence the long entry. A bunch of my coworkers and I went to Atlantic City this weekend and had a blast. We need more fun things like that. For now I'm waiting on some decisions to be made by the client before I can do more work. Ah the waiting game.

Next entry: A recap on the concert/show schedule I have planned for the summer and other dates of interest.
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