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A Blizzard, A Birthday, and a Power Ranger Gone Gay

Another Month Flies By

I can't believe we're almost in the middle of march. A lot happened in February. We had a HUGE blizzard - 27 inches of snow in Queens. I was trapped at home for like 3 days straight. It was a little insane. Jason is planning to leave his job sometime soon. He's so unhappy there. I really want him to find something he's going to enjoy doing. Work has been crazy for me. After Situation Assessment ended, we've had tons of followups to deal with. I'm working on a big Newtons analysis that examines the long term decline of the brand. Fun times all around.

For Valentines Day, Jason and I saw Avenue Q, which was so funny. I recommend it highly. I didn't watch the Superbowl because I had Ben T's birthday party that night. Interesting connection... Ben T knows Will so he was there. Another guy, Peter, who used to play for the Ramblers Soccer Team, also knew Will. It's a small, queer world after all. I ended up talking for quite a while with Peter, who was planning an event at Pieces for the Ramblers. There was an auction where you could bid on yummy soccer players. Jason, Roxanne and I went and had a blast. I was worried Roxanne wouldn't have a good time because it was a sketchy gay bar but it was the most fun I've ever had there.

Speaking of Roxanne, she was in town for a few days to hang out since her spring break plans fell through. We had a blast roaming around the city. We went to the South Street Seaport, the WTC, Times Square, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and out to the bars on 2nd Ave. We also had dinner with my sister so the girls could talk about engineering stuff. The trip went by really fast.

Speaking of visitors, Alex Shulman was in town two weeks ago. He stayed with me for the weekend and we got together with Ashish and Felix. It was Tracy's birthday that Saturday so we all went out to Central Bar for some drinking and dancing and he got to meet some of the friends. I'm hoping to make a trip up to Boston this summer with a few of my brothers to see Alex for his birthday.

The weekend between was another extravaganza of events. Margie and Ben had their engagement party on Saturday, which was so much fun. Margie's friends are so funny. It was great to see Shaun and Christina again. We actually all exchanged emails and phone numbers so we can keep in touch. We also met another cool guy named Wade who's also gay. He ended up coming to our Oscar party.

Finally, getting to the Oscars - the party was fucking awesome. All the gays were there - Vinny, David, Ben, Ben's friend Michael, Philippe and Wade. The broadcast was boring as hell but we all had a great time drinking and talking trash about the nominees. We were all pissed that Brokeback Mountain didn't win Best Picture. It should have and all the press the next day was about how crazy the upset was. Everyone's comparing it to when Shakespeare in Love beat out Saving Private Ryan. That madness aside, it was a great evening. Everyone stayed really late, though, so I was dead the next day.

It always figures that when you're tired and cranky and want to go home, there's no end in site. At the end of the work day I came out to my car and found that my tire had gone flat. I'm not sure what happened. I must have run over a nail or something and it must have drained slowly all day. I had to have my parents call AAA and wait for the tow truck to change my tire. Two of my coworkers helped jack my car and get the lug nuts off but we couldn't get the bolts off. The tow truck guy arrived about an hour after I made the call to AAA and had the donut on in under 5 minutes. They had a 4-way lug wrench, which was much better at getting off the bolts.

So there I was in East Hanover NJ at about 7pm getting ready to drive 50 miles over two bridges to my parents house on a donut. Never a dull moment. I met my dad at BJ's so I could buy a new tire. I ended up buying 4 new ones since all the treading on my tires was fucked. An expensive night but thankfully it all worked out okay and I got 4 new tires with a 60,000 mile warranty and free tire rotating and balancing for life. Awesome. At least there's a silver lining.

Anyway, if anyone wants to be blown away with crazy news, check this out: Go to The title up top should read Mighty Morphin Porno Ranger. Everyone out there knows I'm a Power Rangers fanatic, especially the first 4 seasons. The original Red Ranger Jason, Austin St John, apparently hasn't had much luck as an actor so he's become a personal trainer and now... a gay-for-pay porn actor. He's in a few movies on under the name Brock. His body is incredible. Too bad he's a little... well, little. LOL. Poor Jason. I may join for a month just for those videos. LOL. This is why I love being gay.
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