Mark (orko224) wrote,

Working From Home

And preparing for another crazy weekend

Today has been very relaxing. I worked from home today because of the extreme flooding everywhere. Yesterday it took me 3 and half hours to drive home because of flooding over the Triboro Bridge and all around Woodside. What a nightmare. So today I decided to avoid all that crap and just work from home. It was a fun day. I did all the stuff I needed to do and watched some crappy daytime TV in the background.

This week has been maddening. U2 was Monday night. They put on an amazing show! It was over 2 hours of great music. We were right behind the stage. It felt like Bono was right in front of me. The next morning was my presentation at Kraft on Oreo Double Stuf PB. It went really well and the brand team loved it. I have some small followups to do, but they should be done by next week.

Yesterday Lorraine, Rob's mom, had her knee surgery. I'm going to visit her on Saturday before I go out with Mel and Chris. It'll be nice to see them. It feels like forever since we hung out. Tomorrow night Jason and I are going out with "VNU Vinny" for drinks at XES. Jason sent him his resume so hopefully something will come of it. I think Vinny has the potential to become a good gay friend, which I'm lacking in the NYC area. Then Sunday is Kelly Clarkson, which has now been moved to the Theatre at Madison Square Garden. That should be an awesome show.

Anyway, the work day is over. Only one more day in this perpetually long week. TGIT.
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