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Gay Football and Oreo Double Stuf Peanut Butter

And my rising star at Nielsen

September was a crazy fucking month - but when is that not the case? Work has been great. I gave a Best Demonstrated Practice (BDP) presentation on Scorecards two weeks ago. Scorecards are our evaluation process for new products. The team LOVED it. I always knew I was a good public speaker but I didn't realize that it was one of my better strengths. The best part is that I got to present on Thursday to the entire ACN-Kraft team from both offices (Paramus and Wilton) including our directors and our VP. The whole point of the day, which was off-site at the VNU headquarters in Manhattan, was for the One VNU committe to present on our sister companies' capabilities and to come up with integration ideas for Kraft. My presentation was on Nielsen Music and while it was only 20 minutes, I got to talk about the cool stuff that Soundscan and Broadcast Data Systems do and exercise my insane energy for a room of 50. Everyone loved my presentation and said that it was smart, full of energy, and very funny. I wish I had it on video to show everyone.

After the presentations, we had a scavenger hunt across Manhattan, which my team won! We actually got a day off work for winning! Then we had lunch at Carmines on the Upper West Side, which was amazing. There was an open bar and lots of food and wine. Afterwards, we all went to Zanzibar in midtown and drank on the company tab all night. Jason came by to meet my coworkers including my boss and all my teammembers. They all loved him of course. It was so much fun to hang out with my coworkers because they're all so cool. Everyone got drunk, which was hilarious to see. We were all tired as hell the next day at work and of course we had tone of work to do. I'm working feverishly on my Oreo Double Stuf Peanut Butter Scorecard, which I'll be presenting to the brand team on Friday. The Oreo brand team is huge so it's an exciting opportunity for me.

In other VNU news, last night I was out with Jason to meet Liya, Arden and a group of their friends at a bar in the East Village. While there we met a guy named Vinny who works for IMS, a small VNU company at the 770 Broadway building, which was where I presented on Thursday. Small world, huh? We talked about all sorts of stupid stuff, including how Desperate Houswives is gay football. Everyone watches on Sunday and then spends all day Monday doing the play by play with each other. God I love being gay.

Meanwhile Saturday is my housewarming party. I'm so excited to finally have all my friends over. In the meanwhile, I'm watching WAY too much television. Can anyone else keep up this schedule: Desperate Housewives, Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Rome, Prison Break, Bones, Lost, and Will and Grace. At least I'm working out 5 days a week so I don't feel completely sedintary. Now that summer's gone, I'll be spending less time outdoors but I have more free time so hopefully I can make the most of it. I'm excited for fall, though this summer was great and I'm going to miss it.
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